Why would you love to stay in the Philippines?

The country has a warm climate, friendly people, welcoming culture, and low living costs make the country an ideal destination for expats.

Delicious local cuisine and an abundance of beautiful beaches.

The cost of living in the Philippines is only a fraction of the price in the US or Western Europe.

Filipino people are some of the friendliest warm-hearted people you will ever meet.

Most Filipinos, especially anyone younger than 40, speak English.

The Philippines has its share of beaches, which makes it one of the top reasons to live here.

In addition to the beaches, you also will find mountains for hiking, such as Mayon Volcano, Mount Pulag or Mount Apo. These places provide you with plenty of vantage point viewing, which will particularly impress you during sunrise or sunset.

You also can look out for animals and plants you may not have in your native country, or at least not where you’re from.

If you are a nature lover, and you love to study animals, the Philippines is one place where you can fulfill that passion.

It is home to centuries old churches, turn of the century mansions, ancient forts and modern museums. The Philippines is an archipelago comprising 7,100 islands. With its extensive coastline, the country offers the best of island beaches, white sand blue water teeming with marine life, corals and lush foliage.

Happiness in Filipino culture is habitual and a trait most of them possess. If you have visited the Philippines, whether it’s for travel or business, you can tell that Filipinos are amazing people. The way they politely greet, smile, and interact with others shows the lightheartedness in them despite the chaos and difficulty of life.

Over the years, the Philippines ranked as one of the top happiest countries in the world, making the

Filipinos become a trademark in fulfilling happiness. While they are naturally drawn happy, some say the vitamins from the sun brings them more joy every day. Wonder why? Because sunlight triggers the release of a hormone in the brain called serotonin that boosts people’s mood and promotes happiness.

Spa treatments in the Philippines

In the Philippines you can enjoy spa treatments for prices that you could just dream about in Europe! Under here you can see an example from a spa in Quezon City (prices in pesos).

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