Why is Northern Cyprus one of the best places to retire?

In 2022, the American magazine “Live and invest overseas” ranked Northern Cyprus among the TOP 5 countries in the world for retirees.


* Real estate — including beachfront property — is unbelievably low-priced.

* Northern Cyprus is poised to be Europe’s next big vacation hot spot.

* The cost of living in Northern Cyprus is much lower than in the eurozone.

The island offers year-round sunshine, pristine beaches, and clear-blue waters…everything you could want in a great escape.

Because the country was a British colony in the past, English is widely spoken, and it is also easy to do business here. The large expat community is warm and welcoming, the culture is incredibly rich, and the crime rate is low.

The magazine lists the following cities as the best for retirees:

Kyrenia is a small town on the north coast between the Kyrenia Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. It has hotels, restaurants and beach clubs by the sea, but is best known for its old harbor and castle.

Famagusta is a charming city of about 50,000 inhabitants on the southeast coast of Northern Cyprus. It is a fortified city surrounded by ancient city walls left over from the buildings of the ancient Romans.

Iskele is a town on the east coast known for the most beautiful and longest beach on the island as well as for its seafood specialties.

We would also add Esentepe – a quiet and secluded town with stunning views of the sea.

Retirement in Northern Cyprus would mean a life outside the more familiar comfort zones of Europe and the Americas. If you’re up for an adventure at this stage of your life, where your retirement budget will buy you a bona fide luxury standard of life on one of the world’s most beautiful stretches of coastline, Northern Cyprus should be at the top of your list.

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