Residence permit

One of the ways to obtain a residence permit in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is to purchase real estate. Buying an apartment in Northern Cyprus gives the right to take out health insurance, teach children in kindergartens and schools, open bank accounts.

Obtaining a residence permit is a simple procedure, local authorities are interested in foreign investment, therefore, they have simplified the procedure for obtaining a residence permit as much as possible. The government is as loyal as possible to foreign citizens who decide to buy real estate in Northern Cyprus.

Foreign citizens can stay on the Republic territory within 1-3 months. A tourist visa can be extended by leaving and returning the next day. They put a new visa for the same period. If the term expires, the foreigner faces a fine: 300 tl. per day.


A residence permit registration takes no more than 14 days, the obtaining a residence permit whole process takes 21 days. When purchasing a home in Northern Cyprus, the client submits documents package to the immigration department police branch:

  • Foreign passport.
  • Original and the real estate purchase and sale agreement copy.
  • A certificate from the local headman about the living fact in the area. The certificate cost is about 10-40 liras.
  • An account bank confirmation or sufficient funds confirmation to live in the country.
  • Passport-sized photographs – 8 pieces.
  • 10 postage stamps
  • Marriage and children birth certificates.

When purchasing a home, all family members receive a residence permit: it does not matter to whom the property is registered.

The permit does not give the right to work and conduct business – other permits are needed for this.

A prerequisite for obtaining a residence permit is a medical examination: a citizen takes a general blood test and fluorography. The client sends the envelope with the result and other documents to the police station. After 15 days, the documents are transferred to the immigration service in Nicosia. A residence permit is obtained online. The stamp is valid for a year, the same documents should be collected annually and a new permit obtained.

Children under 18 do not need a residence permit. If a child is born to foreign citizens, they must contact their country embassy, receive a letter and submit documents to the regional office at the registration place.

After 12 years of living in the country, you can apply for citizenship or permanent residence.
The procedure may seem complicated: different legislation, language barrier, but for our clients there are no such problems. The company will help resolve any issue: collect documents, make translations, advise at all registration stages.

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