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When buying a property in Northern Cyprus, you need professional legal advice. Our company provides the client with qualified lawyers.

According to state law, a foreign citizen has the right to purchase and register real estate in his name once. The spouses are considered one natural person. For one person, you can issue an object with a plot that does not exceed 5 donums (1 donum – 1368 square meters).

Before proceeding with the sale and purchase procedure, you should request the ownership copy, check the property characteristics and check them against the plan. If a foreigner is planning construction, you need to verify this possibility with the planning authority.

A well-formed contractual relationship will protect the client interests and become a legal basis in conflict situations. The document displays all the conditions with which the parties have agreed: an object full description, guarantees, payment procedure, termination terms and other details.

Be sure to carefully read the contract terms and agree on the nuances with a lawyer who will make the necessary additions.

The agreement is registered with the district land administration, after which it becomes legally binding.

When the buyer has made a choice, a formal request is sent to the land registry, after which a sales contract is signed. Further, the Ministry of Internal Affairs is requested permission to purchase. The buyer must ask his lawyer for the application number. The permit is issued within 6-8 months – it is approved by the Council of Ministers. After obtaining permission, the buyer is registered as the official owner in the Land Registry. The client personally signs documents or issues an official power of attorney for a lawyer with the right to act on his behalf.

It is important to draw up a will in Northern Cyprus. The country laws give the British the right to property’ dispose by will, the citizens’ rest – to dispose of a certain part (by will), the rest – under the law.

Thus, buying real estate legal aspects in Northern Cyprus are regulated by the sales contract and the authorities. For competent drafting of the contract, to protect yourself, you should entrust to do it to a qualified lawyer. The island’s legislation does not allow a foreign citizen to purchase more than one property.

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